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Safe Harbor - A safe haven for women and their children

Safe Harbor is a safe and secure family shelter for Emergency Assistance
for eligible women and their children who are homeless due to domestic violence. Safe Harbor, which is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development and private contributions, can accommodate up to 20 families.

  • Safe and secure shelter with staff on duty 24/7.

  • Case Management/Housing Advocate: With the assistance of the case manager, the family develops a Family Life Plan. The Family Life Plan unfolds as referrals are made, service provider appointments are set, progress is discussed and weekly meetings with the residents begin to overcome initial obstacles that may have prevented them from being self-sufficient.

  • Community Collaboration: Case Managers/Housing Advocates consistently confer and partner with outside agencies to meet individual needs of the residents and their children.

  • Educational workshops are designed to help families build healthy, happy bonds and educate them with tools and skills to break the cycle of violence and live abuse free and independently.  Among the workshops offered Domestic Violence, Parenting, Financial Literacy, & Employment Readiness.

  • Children’s Center: Consists of programs for infants, toddlers, pre-school and school age children and families.  Mothers complete a child/family conference with the Child Advocate, which is an opportunity to discuss the concern/style/dreams of the family. Safe Harbor is designed to improve family functioning and focuses on assisting the mother in building or rebuilding the mother/child relationship. Once the mother has toured the center and learned about the Children's Center approach, the child may attend the center while the parent attends a group on-site, or older children may attend the After School Program.
Jackie lived in her home with her two children when she decided to help out a friend who had lost his job, and didn't have a place to stay.  They agreed that the situation would only be temporary, but it started to seem as if her friend had no intentions of leaving.  Jackie noticed a change in his behavior, he became very aggressive and controlling, all behaviors that reflected a batterer.  Jackie asked him to leave because she didn't want to subject her children to the abusive behavior that was taking place inside the home.  Once he left, she thought they could continue on with their lives, but he started stalking her, and driving by her house.  Jackie was fearful that this man would hurt her or her family so she decided to leave her home in Florida and move to Massachusetts.  Jackie was placed at Safe Harbor in November of 2012.  When she arrived she didn't have much.  She was scared and broken down knowing that she had to start all over.  While she was here, she attended a number of groups on domestic violence and was able to better understand the cycle of violence.  Although she had a number of skills, Jackie lacked the confidence she needed to find a job.  With the help of counselors, and case managers, Jackie learned ways to help build confidence and self-esteem.  With her children enrolled in school, Jackie decided to apply for a temporary clerical position at the Department of Transitional Assistance.  This job really empowered Jackie, it gave her the confidence she needed to help her pursue long term employment.   She eventually found a permanent position at a law firm in Hyannis and was able to make enough money to support her family when they moved into their own apartment in Plymouth.  Jackie worked for the law firm for over a year commuting from Plymouth everyday.  She has just recently secured a full-time position in Hyannis with the Department of Transitional assistance where she will be increasing her income significantly.

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